NERC Compliance

EQUAGEN provides NERC Compliance solutions addressing power system studies, facility ratings, protection and controls, maintenance, mandatory testing and physical and cyber security. EQUAGEN will provide a GAP analysis to document what needs to be completed in order to be ready for a compliance audit, identify weak areas, recommend improvements and provide technical, procedural, and process-based solutions for your full compliance.

NERC Reliability Compliance expertise to provide support with the following

  • Understanding mandatory and future NERC’s Operations and Planning (693) Standards.
  • Developing and implementing internal compliance programs.
  • Develop Compliance and technical procedures.
  • Develop training program and training materials for internal compliance program.
  • Develop and support to implement tools for self-assessment process and corrective actions plan.
  • Support with NERC alerts .
  • Self-certification process .
  • Data submittals.
  • Mock audits and audit preparation.
  • Developing RSAWS .