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  • Feasibility Studies: Assessing the viability of renewable energy projects-solar, wind, or distributed generation projects, considering factors like resource availability (e.g., sunlight, wind, biomass), economic feasibility, and regulatory requirements.
  • Site Assessment and Selection: Identifying suitable locations for renewable energy installations, such as solar farms, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants, and biomass facilities.
  • Design and Engineering: Developing detailed engineering plans and designs for renewable energy systems, whether they're new, expansions, or upgrades, encompassing various aspects, such as Electrical, Civil, Environmental, and Protection components. Furthermore, we handle interconnection requests and conduct system impact studies.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Evaluating and mitigating the potential environmental impacts of renewable energy projects to ensure compliance with regulations and sustainability goals.
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex regulatory landscape to secure the necessary permits and approvals for renewable energy projects.
  • Project Management: Overseeing all aspects of project development, including scheduling, budgeting, procurement, and construction management. We also manage the acquisition and design of material and equipment laydown yards.
  • Technology Selection: Recommending and integrating the appropriate renewable energy technologies based on project requirements and resource availability, such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, hydropower systems, or bioenergy solutions.
  • Grid Integration: Ensuring seamless integration of renewable energy systems into the existing electrical grid, including managing grid connections, power quality, and grid stability.
  • Energy Storage: Designing and implementing utility scale energy storage solutions like batteries to store excess renewable energy for use during periods of low generation.